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All gems and stones should be cleansed, consecrated and empowered. You can let them soak in a glass of spring water, or hold them in a stream or under a running faucet. Moonlight and sunlight are also excellent cleansers.

Wear gems and stones as close to the body as possible. Place in a pocket, purse, or wallet. Pouches can be fashioned from leather or silk. They can be sewn in the hems of skirts or pants. Garters of gems can be created, as well as belts and headbands.

Use masking tape to secure them under desks and chairs in a workplace, office, home or dashboard and seat of a vehicle. You can place them behind pictures, doors, under the carpet or in the corner of a room - just about anywhere you feel you need to use the energy of the stone.

Always remember that the size of the stone is not important. You don't need a fifty pound piece of rose quartz to bring a maximum amount of loving feelings into your life. A small piece, no bigger than the end of your little finger, will do the trick nicely.

Gems can be placed on magickal tools as well, with glue or wire. Some beautiful pieces can be made, such as goblets, Tarot boxes, wands, baskets, and herb containers.
The best way to begin using stones and gems is to sit in a quiet place and hold them one at a time in your left hand. Let the energy of the stone move in your palm. Imagine that it is a delicate being you don't want to squash.

Be aware of what you are feeling. If nothing seems to be coming through, don't get frustrated. Instead, open your third eye chakra center and look at the stone from that angle. Continue to experiment with your right hand. Write your sensations in your workbook. Switch to your left hand. Are the sensations different, and if so, how? When you have finished with each stone, re-read the interpretation of that stone.

Following is a list of gems and stones, although it is by no means complete. None of the stones should be ingested; they should be carried or worn when personal contact is required. I have also included a few metals in this list.

Abalone - impacts all chakras because it is multi-hued. Good for the heart.
Aventurine - the healing power of the green earth, releases emotional stress. Enhances energy flow (chi/qi).
Agate (blue lace) - used on third eye (between eyebrows) aids with tension headaches. Is a sedating stone.
Agate (dendritic) - assists in past life regressions.
Agate (moss) - associated with farmers, tillers of the earth. Improves blood and lymph system.
Alabaster - promotes peace and peaceful feelings.
Alexandrite - systemic healing. Specific to nervous system.
Amber - purification of etheric body, balancing of electrical energies, strengthening of central nervous system.
Amethyst - used in meditation, under pillow for dream recollection, spiritual enhancement.
Apache Tear (transparent obsidian) - psychic protection. Grounding.
Aquamarine - reduces fluid retention, calms coughs. Used in work with development of inner self. Protects liver. Used to prevent baldness.
Beryl (common) cleanses females, strengthens males, stimulates root chakra. Used for digestive disorders.
Bloodstone - grounds and cleanses physical body, use to help clot blood, aids with blood disorders. Mental balance.
Boji Stone (pop rock) a bridge between animal and mineral kingdom these creatures can die if not adequately cared for - enhances telepathic communication between the kingdoms of animate and inanimate objects.
Brass - assists hair growth and skin.
Bronze - assists in inner healings.
Carnelian - helps actualize personal power. Improves sense of touch, sensitivity. Provides protection for the wearer.
Coal - used to treat petroleum toxicity.
Copper - balances astral body with physical, helps arthritic afflictions.
Coral - helps with fever, colds, asthma, digestive problems. Red is more effective for men.
Diamond - clears crown chakra. Protects from poisons.
Emerald - improves heart functions, including love and kindness.
Flint - helps prevent nightmares.
Garnet (red) - stimulates love, feelings of emotion. Stirs blood, assists in overcoming anemia.
Garnet (yellow) - stimulates digestive tract.
Galena - provides strength and balance
Gold - provides stability, balancing. Good for healing heart ailments.
Jade - good for dreamwork. Used for past life regressions.
Jet - protects against illness and personal attack. Used by the Greeks to cure toothaches.
Lapis-Lazuli - mental calming, strength of will, increases psychic ability.
Lodestone (magnetite) - strengthens the aura, rids the body of toxins. Stabilizes the body energies (yin/yang).
Meteorite - past life regression.
Moonstone - expands higher consciousness.
Obsidian - protective stone for psychic individuals, ground higher energies.
Olivine - purifier, especially when used with bloodstone, citrine, or smokey quartz.
Onyx - can enhance visions - assists in mediation and dream work. Use with Apache Tear unless adept in vision work.
Opal - enhances harmony - emphasizes tendencies of an individual whether positive or negative.
Oyster shell (mother of Pearl) - enhances creativity and intuition.
Peacock Ore - stamina, energy. Stimulates nervous system, muscles, heart and lungs. Good to wear when hiking.
Pearl - aids with digestion. Reduces irritability.
Peridot - strengthens the body and assists with organ regeneration.
Pyrite, Iron - stimulates cardiovascular system. Natural connection with the sun.
Quartz (blue) - provides digestive tract assistance.
Quartz (clear) - stabilizer, medium for meditation, used to hold energy.
Quartz (geode) - symbolizes the hidden inner beauty.
Quartz (rose) - love, emotions, friendship, good for children and those deprived of love as children. Eases lonliness. Helps heart.
Quartz (rutilated) - energetic, adds to life force, resists aging.
Quartz (smokey) - clearing on physical and emotional level, grounding energy, stimulates the adrenal glands.
Ruby - strengthens the emotions, increase courage. Provides emotional and physical stability.
Sapphire - amplifies intuition, aids in meditation. Calming.
Sardonyx - alleviates depression, aids with confidence.
Silver - disinfectant, cleanser, emotion and mental stress reducer.
Soapstone - grounding, balancing, good for the home in terms of creating a calm atmosphere.
Sulphur - enhances physical vitality, draws impurities from body, relieves colds, sinus problems. Good for immune system.
Tiger's eye (cherry) - good stone for public speaker, aids confidence.
Tiger's eye (yellow) helps focus mind's eye, provides insight.
Tin - heals lungs and cleanses inflammations.
Zircon - spiritual stimulant, emotional protection.





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