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Free Tips to Make Your Psychic Reading Better

There is an art to getting a good psychic reading. Whether you're reading for yourself or someone else, you can help make the reading more relevant and valuable by being a little prepared and having a clear question or purpose for the reading.

1. Prepare for your reading. Write down specific questions before you call. If you want a general reading, the reader may need to know your birth date as well as major factors influencing your life at the moment.

2. Relax; you are likely to have a better reading if your mind is calm and you are able to focus on the reading.

3. Plan your time. An hour can go by very quickly, but don't try to stuff everything in. If an answer takes up the whole time let it. You can always call again.

4. Don't hide details. Answer the psychic's questions in order to help them get where you need them to go. Being a skeptic is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. So is believing.

Take notes during your reading so you can reflect on them later. Often psychic readings feel like they fly by, and it can be difficult to remember everything you were told.

6. Do they have written recommendations from clients? Are they part-time or full-time? You can get a good reading from both, but a full-time psychic has to be good in order to be full-time. Do they walk their talk? Do they feel right? Use your own intuition. If they don't feel right, then don't book an appointment.

7 . They should be specific, not vague. At the same time they should help you see the bigger picture.

8 . If something in the reading evokes a strong emotion count on that to be an issue that needs some time. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with yourself.

9 . Don't read the reading. Often we superimpose our desires, our ego's desires, onto information in a reading. And often the information in reading is 100% correct. But the initial interpretation 100% incorrect.

10. Don't be a stranger. It is often helpful to reconnect with a reader again after a period of time to share changes in events or circumstances.


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