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What is a Tarot Reading?

Tarot readings are explorations of future events using a tarot deck. The cards are shuffled while asking a specific question that an answer is sought for. The cards are then laid out in one of a number of different layouts or tarot spreads. The Tarot Reader then interprets the cards for the question asked.

The Tarot is a tool to access the Superconscious or Universal mind. A tarot reading is like a snapshot in time, taken at the exact moment you ask the question or ask for clarity regarding the situation. A tarot reading can clearly reveal the dynamics of the situation. It can reveal your mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual reactions to the situation. It can give uncannily clear insight into the probable outcome.

The Tarot Deck is used as a tool to help a Psychic Reader when reading for a client, to understand all the issues around a particular problem. Much of the information is actually channeled from spirit, but the tarot cards are a focal point to draw out the underlying issues and to help get to the heart of the problem during readings.

Do you need advice or answers?

A tarot reading can offer clear insights into a situation, circumstance or issue that is causing concern, anxiety, frustration, worry or confusion. It almost always helps you identify the real (and often hidden) challenges or obstacles that are keeping you from resolving your issue. The reading also helps you recognize the gifts, talents and blessings you have to successfully resolve the issue.

Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Undecided about someone or something?
Not sure which option to take?
Uncertain if he/she is the "right" person for you?

Tarot readings can help you explore problem areas in your life, either relationships, career, family or finances. Perhaps you're just not sure of your direction or maybe you keep finding yourself in the same situation time and again. A tarot reading can help you to better understand your life and where you are going.

Tarot Readings - The Celtic Cross
This is one of the most frequently used tarot spreads as it gives an in depth exploration of your problem or a particular aspect of your life, such as career, relationships etc.

Usually 10 cards are used and are laid out in a form of a cross shape, each card representing a particular aspect of the issue being explored. It shows, past, present, future, inner desires, goal, people around you


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